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Important note

All exams for which you are currently registered are displayed here. The advantage of this is that examinations are also displayed for which we have registered you and therefore do not appear in the examination registration under "Enroled Exams".

Furthermore, the exact examination dates with room and time information will be published on this page after the end of the respective examination registration phase. Until then, the 1st day of the examination phase (e.g. 23.01.23) is always preset
as a placeholder. Please check this page regularly to see if your data is correct and, if necessary, updated!

Attention: The examination schedule that has been published always applies! Therefore, to be on the safe side, check the schedule and compare it with the dates given here.


Please note that the Campus Portal is not suitable for smartphones and display problems may therefore occur! Therefore, use the browser on your laptop or PC. Display problems can also occur with Apple devices.




Exam enrolment or cancellation is currently not possible.